yoga lotus tantra


A brand new style of yoga for the Golden Age that combines powerful ancient healing wisdom with the new, modern paradigm!

Yoga Lotus Tantra supports you on your soul’s journey, it helps you to let go of the old and unleash your full potential for this new age – with Lotus bringing the healing aspect and Tantra bringing duality into wholeness.

Yoga Lotus Tantra is a new style of yoga that taps into the ancient wisdom of Tantra and makes its power available to you in a completely new form that goes deep into your chakras.

What is new, innovative and different about Yoga Lotus Tantra?

  • Working with the 21 Taras and their planets
  • Leveraging the healing power of sound
  • 49 Yoga positions – 7 for each of the 7 chakras
  • Ancient wisdom adapted to our modern times

You would like to try Yoga Lotus Tantra?

I offer personalized Yoga sets via Skpye for your topic. I will choose 3 Yoga positions plus 1 Tara for your topic. You will do the positions under my guidance and I will lead you in contact with your Tara and her sound through meditation.

What you will need is an internet connection and a camera so i can see you. The session will be 1 hour.

Price: 150 Euro

Do you have questions or do you would like to make an appointment with me? Write me at I am looking forward to hearing from you.